Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pink & Polka Dots

Pants: TJ Maxx // Blouse: Tobi // Blazer: Target // Bag: Michael Kors via Poshmark // Necklace: Gorjana // Earrings: Thrifted // Shoes: Sam Edelman // Bangles: Forever 21 // Lipstick: Wet n Wild Dollhouse

I was definitely going for a more professional type of look...and then I added the neon pants. Oops. 

Come on, did you really expect anything else outta me? ;-) #sorryimnotsorry 

But it's ok, tomorrow we have a little Style Challenge happening and the theme is "Fall Colors" I had to get the neon out of my system before tomorrow's post! Check back then to see myself and some other fab ladies take on the challenge! 


  1. Ha-ha adorable outfit, I love the hot pink pants!


  2. XO's right back at ya Terry! Thanks for the sweet comments!

  3. Thank you so much! The pants definitely got some stares, so bright!


  4. You know I love you in neon and polka dots! Prettypretty!

  5. Love the neon! You made to totally work for fall!

  6. i just love those pants! such a fantastic shade of pink!

  7. You look so tan! Love the neon- obvi. Excited to see your look tomorrow. ;)

    xo Carlina