Friday, August 10, 2012

Peach & Purples

Skirt: H&M // Blouse: Marshall's // Cardigan: TJMaxx // Wedges: Asos // Bag: Michael Kors via Poshmark // Sunglasses: Tobi // 

As much as I love a good peplum or drop waist top, I don't find them to be the most flattering on me, so when I dug up this little gem from my closet that I got a few years back, I was determined to find a way to make it work. And yes I realize it isn't a full on peplum or even close to a drop waist, but I love that it still embodies the style with the adorable ruffle detail on the bottom. Paired with some peachy sequins, simple shoes, and chain link earrings definitely had me smiling...

Hope you all have a Happy Happy Friday, and an even happier weekend! :-) 


  1. Hey hot stuff! LOVE the skirt, so cute! I am the exact opposite, peplums are the only way for me to look like i have any hips at all...I'm all top no bottom :( You pulled the top off well, and totally agree its enough of a silhouette change to make it moderately a peplum!

    1. Thanks babes!! I admire all you gals that can rock the peplum, unfortunately my ribcage is wide and the peplum makes me look even wider- lol! :-)


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  3. Great look Amanda! I actually have the same skirt (love it ;) and love finding new ways to wear it. I like the way you paired this floral top with it. Great earring too!

    I was just thinking that we should do a style challenge with the same item. (we probably all have one piece in common haha)


  4. Beautiful skirt!

  5. Such a pretty and feminine detail. The sequins make it really unique! Hope you enjoyed the weekend Amanda!

  6. Awesome outfit! I love your style!