Thursday, December 18, 2014

#HowWeWear: Blanket Scarves

Before I get into today's super fun collaboration, how are you liking the new look of Fashionablee Me? It's been quite the long time coming after blogging for almost three years, but you know that little thing called life gets in the way, so the redesign had to wait. #whatevs It's not completely finished, but I love the new clean look.

SO! As you might have seen that my last post was all about the wildly popular blanket scarf,  and it's back, but this time with 7(!!) other ways to style it from my fabulous Poshmark ladies.

Check out everyone's look and get outfit deets below. Are you rocking a blanket scarf? Share it with us on social media using the #HowWeWear hashtag.

 Olivia // Kathleen // Kate // Emily // Courtney // Me // Adiel // Elaine

  Jeans and Jacket: Target // Boots: Charlotte Russe // Scarf: Zara borrowed from Adiel // Bag: Galian NYC // Top: H&M // Lipstick: NYX Cosmetics


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