Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blues & Greys

Skirt and Heels: Target // Cargo Jacket: Old Navy // Top: Forever 21 // Lipstick: Wet n Wild

Believe it or not, the weather in the Bay Area has been quite toasty! Although the bare legs and minimal layers are nice, I still am waiting to bundle up in boots, scarves and this fuzzy bad boy! ;-)

What are you looking forward to wearing this winter?


  1. Ha-ha come to Boston right now then, we are getting snow!! :) This outfit is adorable.


  2. This outfit is perfect! I'm ready for fall weather too! I can't believe how warm Cali has been lately!

  3. Hey, I have those shoes, the color is so pretty! Love blue and gray together! I can't wait to wear cozy sweaters with animal motifs!

  4. Now you see, your outfit sayd "I'm chill" (very West Coast) but your hair/makeup/to-die-for shoes says "I'm a diva and I love it!" (very East Coast). This is one of my fave looks I've seen you rock so far! Fab! Oh, and BTW, I'm not looking forward to anything winter-related at all!