Thursday, February 16, 2012

Girly Grunge

Dress: Forever21 // Shirt: H&M // Sneakers: Converse // Bracelets: Asos, Forever21, H&M // Sunglasses: Ray Ban

No you aren't seeing things, I am totally wearing a floral dress with my Chuck Taylor's. While getting dressed I knew I wanted to wear something really laid back and comfy for the dreaded middle of the week, and I definitely was going to wear my fave sneakers. For the rest of the outfit I thought mixing a more feminine style dress with the not-so-feminine shoe's would be fun- so I threw on my denim button down for an extra layer, some spiked and studded bracelets with polka dots socks, and there we go- I was set for hump day!

What are your go-to laid back pieces or looks?


  1. You're giving me inspiration to wear my Converse. I honestly do not know how to wear sneakers, aside from my running shoes at the gym. Help!

    1. LOL! Yes- you soo need to rock your Converse! I didn't even know you owned any! ;-) Chuck Taylor shoe pic?!

  2. I always go for jeans or a flowy top. You're wearing my favorite color - blue! Love the layers!

    1. Yes- jeans and flowy tops all the way! Happy Friday girl! <3

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