Friday, February 24, 2012

A Fashionable Day

 Oh no WE didn't! ;-)
 Myself, LyAnn, and Carlina <3
  Megan, Dana, and Chanda- LOVE them!
          Myself, Dana, and Chanda having fun!                                              Nail Party!

       The amazingly sweet Jackie and myself.                                  My Poshmark gals!

Yesterday was such a fun-and fashionable- day! Going into the day I was excited as is, because it was my "Friday" (yay-3 day weekend!) and I knew the day would breeze on by since there was an event in the city that I was so looking forward to in the evening. The moment I walked into work wearing my turquoise polka dot dress, I see my super stylish co-worker Carlina wearing a just-as fabulous mustard color polka dot dress! Now, I know what you are thinking- that we were mortified since we were dressed similarly right? NOPE- I think it is so great to be surrounded by such stylish, on trend and inspiring women at work and more than anything I was thrilled we were dressed similar (we tend to do that a lot actually). So that was such a fun start to the morning, and from there on out between the gorgeous sunshine and a fun event to look forward to- the day was great!

The event itself was thrown to celebrate the collaboration of Gap and Rue Magazine on their campaign which was so amazing! The night was filled with a fun photo wall, yummy treats and of course some bubbly-but the best part of the night was that I finally got to meet some amazing blogger ladies that has been a long time coming..I wish I took more pictures too (It was hard managing a clutch and a cocktail)! The San Francisco community is filled with such talented women, and I am so thrilled to be surrounded by them all! Can I get a HECK YA!? ;-)

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!! xoxo!

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  1. Love your dress and necklace!! Looks like you had a lot of fun!