Tuesday, April 16, 2013

LuckyFABB Recap

{Outfit from Day 1}
Jeans: Poshmark // Top & Blazer: Target // Heels: Boutique 9

Cocktails with the lovely Adiel, Kate, Jennifer, Lauralai, Mallory, Molly and Alyson

Getting silly with Carlina at the photowall!

{Outfit from Day 2}
Skirt and Denim Jacket: Target // T-shirt: H&M // Heels: Zara

 Hanging with my Poshmark ladies Kate & Adiel

Which AG look did I pick? 

As my Los Angeles trip came and went over a week ago, I finally wanted to share a some highlights from the LuckyFABB conference held at the SLS Beverly Hills! 

1. Speakers & Panels: There is so much valuable information to pick up from a blogger and brand perspective, so getting to hear what people like Drew Barrymore, Kelly Osbourne, and Emily Schuman speak- is so priceless! Common thread throughout all speakers- Being true to yourself, and finding your voice! 
2. Networking: While I love hearing the speakers at these conferences, I think my favorite part is getting to see my blogging bffs, and meeting my social media pals in real life. I am so lucky to be apart of such an inspirational group of strong women and putting us all in a room together is not only fun, but empowering! 
3. Brand experiences: In between panels, brands like Tacori, AG Jeans, and JustFab invited guests to learn more about their brand, enter in fun contests, etc. And while I never win anything...like ever-I actually won an Instagram contest from AG and got to select one of three, head-to-toe looks from them--can you guess which look I picked? (photo above)

Some other highlights of the trip were getting to meet Betsey Johnson on more than one occasion, having a fun happy hour with some amazing Poshmarker's, and overall getting inspired to stay true to my voice and to who I am-holler!


  1. This is SO great! I've loved seeing everybody's different takes on the trip :) Love that pic of us all at dinner also. Thanks for posting!!! xoxo

  2. Agree with Mallory! That cocktails pic is too cute. Loved traveling with you, thanks for being my LuckyFABB buddy :)

  3. It looks like you had so much fun and I absolutely LOVE everything you wore! SO cute!

  4. Looks like a great time! My goal is to make it next year!


  5. I love this! It was such a treat to see you at FABB! Loved all your outfits, seeing that yellow blazer reminds me that I need to find one for myself! XOXO

  6. Looks like such an amazing time!


  7. Aww thanks for including me in your roundup! Even though our photo wall was just a hot minute, I LOVED seeing you throughout the event! You killed it with your outfits. Every.Single.Day.

    xo Carlina

  8. Okay, I'm OBSESSED with your camera strap/chain! Where did you get it?

    I can totally see you rock the scarf, jacket AND green jeans so its hard to guess which look you picked. Hmmm...

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