Saturday, January 21, 2012

Casual Friday

Top: Poshmark app Jeans: Joe's (Found for -$10!) Denim Jacket: Target 
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (Found for $30!) Sock's: Marshall's Hat: Forever21

As I was getting dressed yesterday, I knew I wanted to wear my new Jeffrey Campbell flats for a comfy Friday outfit. I also just received this FAB vintage top in the mail that I scored on the Poshmark iPhone app, and with the addition of black skinnies. straw hat, and glittery socks this outfit easily came together.

Now, onto an obsession of mine- Poshmark...if you aren't familiar with Poshmark, you need to be! It is the most amazing free iPhone app where you can list pieces of clothing, shoes or accessories that are sitting in your closet not getting any love, snap a photo, list your price and BAM- it is that easy. Seriously! Not only can you list pieces you don't want for some extra cash, you can purchase items from other users that range from accessories, and shoes, to gorgeous designer bags! So, have you downloaded the app yet? :-)

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far- I sure am! Is anyone else suuper insanely excited for the 49er game tomorrow? GO NINERS!!! We need this win, it has been too long since a Super Bowl for us!

<3 Amanda


  1. I have heard of Poshmark, don't you have to be on FB to use it? I love your printed top, it's adorable! Hope your weekend is going well Amanda!

    1. Thanks girl! And yes, you have to sign into Poshmark using Facebook. :-) It's amazing. Enjoy your weekend too!


  2. Adorable top!

    xo Ashleigh

  3. Hey girl! I just recently started using a Poshmark and stumbled across your blog after seeing your closet (which is great by the way!). May I ask how you came to work there?

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